My Experience with Goodnight Macaroon


Goodnight macaroon is the perfect treat without the guilt. Their pricing is a bit steep upfront (at least for what I’m willing to spend on a single piece of clothing) but it is rare that you should have to pay full price because of their flash sales every Tuesday.  Although I was happy with my purchases in the long run the pieces did not live up to the quality advertised on the website. The website pictures and high prices make you believe you will be getting a much different product in the mail than you should expect to receive. That being said if you are able to find what you are looking to purchase on sale it brings the quality/price ratio down to a more reasonable expectation.


The customer service I received during my Goodnight Macaroon Purchase was outstanding. This surprised me after reading some of the reviews on the site. I was looking to purchase three items on black Friday but was hesitant to because of the final sale requirement. I had never ordered from the website before and was unsure of my sizing. I emailed the company as instructed to do with sizing questions and did not hear back because of the time change until the next day (after the sale had ended). The company was more than happy to give me the sale prices that I would have gotten the previous day and informed me of what sizes I should get in each piece based on my sizing in similar clothing. They were spot on with all their suggestions!


I’m typically an xs or 00 in dresses and purchased this dress in an extra small. If you are looking for a tighter fit around the waist I suggest purchasing a belt such as the one seen below to create a more fitted look.


This dress is currently on sale at Goodnight Macaroon the reviews on the site point out two major things: the first being that this dress is not an embroidered dress as it may appear but is printed, which for me was not a deal breaker, and two that it was incredibly short. After reading these reviews I was expected to get in a dress that I could barely wear comfortably in public, this was not the case at all. My constant struggle is dresses and pants being too short when purchasing petite sizes I need for the rest of my body, however I did not find this to be a problem in this dress at all.

I hope this helps anyone debating on making a purchase with Goodnight Macaroon !

please comment with any questions!!

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