Merry Christmas!


Hope everyone is having a great Christmas with family and loved ones! Our family has a tradition of reminiscing watching old home videos while enjoying endless amounts of dessert. We all huddle around the TV until we are moved to tears laughing so hard as we watch our younger selves scream with excitement as we unwrapped presents.


I Decided to whip up these cute North Pole cupcakes this morning, they were probably the easiest cupcakes to decorate that I have ever made.  All you need is some Peppermint M&M’s (they’re mostly red), some thick peppermint sticks, and some white/clear sprinkles! Just frost the cupcakes with vanilla frosting, don’t worry about being perfect your going to cover it up with sprinkles anyways. fill a bowl with your white/clear sprinkles and roll the cupcakes around, then stick in a peppermint stick and use frosting to glue the M&M and sign to the peppermint stick.


I found this size peppermint stick at Hannafords but if you do not live around New England and do not have them at your local grocery store Rite Aid also has some larger peppermint sticks!

Comment above with questions or to share some of your favorite family Christmas traditions!

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  • i hope you had a wonderful holiday girl! the part of eating endless amounts of desserts while watching movies is right up my alley! i love these creative (and perfect) cupcakes and must make them next year! thanks for the inspo!! xoxo,

    janna |