Tula Skincare Review

After hearing so many rave reviews from bloggers who had tried Tula skincare I decided that it was time I tried it for myself. I’ve been so frustrated this year with how badly my skin has been breaking out just as I’ve reached the age where these troubles typically tend to lessen. Earlier in the year I tried Clinique products and had no luck, if anything it got worse. I reached out to Tula a little over two months ago to see if they would be kind enough to send me a free starter kit to try out and give an honest opinion on to my followers. After two weeks of using the starter kit I saw a BIG difference and knew I had to invest in my skin and go all in.

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Tula has so many great products, so it was hard to narrow it down in an attempt to limit the dent it would put in my Christmas cash. I decided on the purifying face cleanser, illuminating serum and hydrating day and night cream. After about two months my skin has never been better. I am writing this post, not because Tula asked me to, nor are they paying me to, but because I know how frustrating skin problems can be and I believe that Tula truly is a great skincare brand so why not share that with all of you even if it just helps one person. Tula products are priced very similar to any other high end skincare brand but you do get a lot of product for your money. They also have a great starter kit if you want to try it out before committing to a full purchase (it is a bit on the smaller side for the price so you may want to opt for the fuller bottles anyways) you do get 15% off your first purchase  with code: TULA15 which is always nice when trying out a new brand. I hate looking in my closet and seeing the graveyard of half used beauty products that haven’t quite lived up to their promises of beautiful and clear skin.

Typically, when you use a face wash or cream that is successful in fighting your skin problems it smells like rotten eggs, or some other awful smell that you’d rather not have emanating from your face all day, but Tula smells great and has a really nice texture to all their products. The one product that I have to say I didn’t LOVE the texture of was their eye cream. Personally it was a little thick for my liking, making a bit hard to apply to the sensitive eye area, but that’s just a personal preference and maybe it’s the thickness that allows it to work wonders but unfortunately I will probably not see those wonders. I stuck with my Clinique eye cream (linked here) in this category hoping that it may help combat wrinkles in the future. It also feels pretty great on your eye area after a particularly horrible night of sleep or lack there of. The Tula illuminating serum however is my absolute FAVORITE. I didn’t really buy all of its claims of correcting color and leaving you glowing but I have already noticed a difference in my redness and scarring around my chin, which will hopefully continue as I continue to use it over a longer period of time. I’ve linked my favorites below and a great winter moisturizing kit for those of you who are battling the freezing temperatures of New England.

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