Valentines day Cupcake bouquet


These cupcake Bouquets have been a huge hit in the past when I’ve made them for parties. They can double as a centerpiece and add some color to your table setting. You don’t have to stick with just roses and can mix flower types. If your a beginner baker making a rose is probably one of the easiest designs to start with. They look a lot more complicated than they really are. If you head to youtube and type in rose cupcake tutorial you can get a slowed down video of what I have below.


The most important part is having a thick frosting, buttercream works best. If you are using a store bought frosting you can thicken the icing with powdered sugar. If you add food coloring it will make it thinner so try to avoid over coloring. After all your cupcakes are frosted you will need your flower pot (I got mine at michaels) a styrofoam ball either cut in half or whole that can be found at michaels or walmart and a bunch of tooth picks. Stick the styrofoam ball into the flower pot so that half of it is showing above the pot (as seen below in the video) this will the base of your design and what will hold the tooth picks and your cupcakes in a nice semi circle shape.


stick two tooth picks in the top and stick a cupcake on to the tooth picks. Stick two more toothpicks for every cupcake as you go around the styrofoam ball. When you get towards the bottom I find it easier to stick not only the tooth picks into the cupcakes but stick two tooth picks under the cupcake and let it rest on top of them since your cupcake will be hanging sideways and will have a tendency to sag off the toothpicks in the center.  I tried my hand at making a video so you could see step by step how to put together the bouquet. Its a little rough and does not show the entire process, but if you continue with the same pattern that I left off with and simply stuff the open spaces with tissue paper you’ll have a beautiful bouquet! Pinterest also has many tutorials on how to build these bouquets and different flower variations.

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